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Virtual Gastric Band Boston 100% Success!

The Boston group study was recently completed, and the results were astonishing. There was a 100% success rate! That means that every person in the group reported that the procedure worked for them. They felt free of battles with food and weight, had all lost weight (one person lost 13 lbs.!), and stated that their…

Is Sugar Addiction Spoiling You Getting to Your Right Size?

carbohydrate image

While the Virtual Gastric Band program focuses on portion control and doesn’t advocate a specific diet plan, I’m sure nobody would argue against when you eat you should eat healthy foods. After all, you could eat 3 meals a day of sugar right? But instinctively this wouldn’t be good for you. When I talk about this to my clients they laugh because they think I’m talking about a meal of chocolate and other candy followed by dessert. But that is incorrect thinking as you’ll discover.