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Affordable Group Weight Loss Hypnosis in Metrowest Boston Area

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After offering a successful weight loss hypnosis program to private clients for the last eight years I’ve developed a group weight loss hypnosis program based on my private program. I introduced the program to a select number of people over the last winter and it is now generally available in the Metrowest Boston area. The program is built on my philosophy that a weight loss journey should be made just once – no more – and this clinic helps people break the cycle of repeated attempts and instead focuses on lasting weight loss. Here’s more…

How to Avoid Becoming a Sugar Addict

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Everyone knows it: candy and baked goods are packed with sugar. They’re not good for our teeth and when they’re eaten regularly, they can lead to rapid weight gain and a variety of health problems related to obesity. Although we all know that sugar and especially refined sugar isn’t good for us, what a lot of us don’t know is that sugar can be addictive, in a manner of speaking. What a lot of people are also unaware of is that like sugar, other refined carbohydrates can be just as bad for you and are often similarly addictive. Worse still, it’s difficult to get away from refined carbohydrates unless you’re very conscious about your diet. Here’s more and a resource to help…