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The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder and Your Weight Loss

Maybe you’ve heard about 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd and her title of the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. This title is official as she is listed in both the “Guinness Book of World Records” and “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” So why am I writing about it and why does it matter to you? If you’re reading this blog then you’re interested in losing weight. You’re also interested enough to consider using hypnosis to help you get to your right size. You’ve also decided the gastric band process appeals to you but maybe not surgery. Here’s where it gets interesting…

Affordable Group Weight Loss Hypnosis in Metrowest Boston Area

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After offering a successful weight loss hypnosis program to private clients for the last eight years I’ve developed a group weight loss hypnosis program based on my private program. I introduced the program to a select number of people over the last winter and it is now generally available in the Metrowest Boston area. The program is built on my philosophy that a weight loss journey should be made just once – no more – and this clinic helps people break the cycle of repeated attempts and instead focuses on lasting weight loss. Here’s more…

Is Sugar Addiction Spoiling You Getting to Your Right Size?

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While the Virtual Gastric Band program focuses on portion control and doesn’t advocate a specific diet plan, I’m sure nobody would argue against when you eat you should eat healthy foods. After all, you could eat 3 meals a day of sugar right? But instinctively this wouldn’t be good for you. When I talk about this to my clients they laugh because they think I’m talking about a meal of chocolate and other candy followed by dessert. But that is incorrect thinking as you’ll discover.