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I’m confidently predicting the year of 2011 will be the year of the Virtual Gastric Band.

The reason I’m so confident is what happened in the final six months of 2010.

Here’s what I witnessed…

Sheila Granger, the U.K. Clinical Hypnotherapist who started the ball rolling with her own study and encouraging results, visited the U.S. and trained people in her technique in NYC. Both Myra and I were part of that special advanced group who saw an alternative way to help people with obesity issues.

Many of the hypnotherapists trained conducted their own studies and saw similar results to Sheila’s 95% success rate.

In November/December 2010 I conducted my own study in Milford, Massachusetts – see Milford virtual gastric band study results here – and confirmed Sheila’s and other trial results.

Television and radio picked up on the new wave of weight loss hypnosis. Stories ran in ABC in America and BBC in the U.K. about the various lap band hypnosis procedures. Marc Carlin – who helped organize Sheila Granger’s training in NYC – and Sara Oppenheim-Somerville were featured on TV and radio spots generating more interest in the VGB procedure.

Based on the feedback Myra and I have been getting and the bookings I’m seeing for VGB in my own practice the interest is extremely high for this procedure.

Weight loss surgery is on the increase because obesity and type II diabetes is on the increase. But weight loss doesn’t have to be that drastic and risky. Most people would opt for an alternative to an operation to help if it presented a viable solution.

Well with the Virtual Gastric Band there is a viable alternative, and it’s proven to deliver the results.

People are ready for a weight loss solution that’s different. They’re tired of temporary fat busters or chasing the latest diet plan fad. They just don’t work for long-term permanent weight loss. They don’t tackle the issues that send most of us spiraling back into weight gain after just a few weeks of the high rush generated by New Year excitement!

We’re not talking about losing 30 lbs the first month and which frankly can’t be sustained. Just think of 4ozs per day – this is a manageable figure for everybody to lose. Lose 4ozs per day for six months and you’ll weigh 50 lbs less in six months. Most people would be thrilled if they could lose this much. Start losing those 4ozs today and by summer you’ll look great for swim suit season!

Slow and steady wins the day.

And this is the promise of the Virtual Gastric Band which combines the power of hypnosis and your subconscious mind, to “install” a virtual gastric band in your stomach to reduce the amount of food you need to feel satisfied.

While there is no diet plan recommended in VGB I find most people naturally begin to make healthy food choices.

Television, magazines and newspapers this time of year are full of ads for a large range of fitness DVD’s, books, celebrity endorsed diets and gym membership specials. But for the majority of people, by the end of January the bad habits return and they slip back into the old routines and bad food choices. But it doesn’t have to be like that anymore.

If you’re ready to make drastic changes to get to your right size then book your Virtual Gastric Band procedure in the Metro-West Boston area by contacting Erika Slater at 508.529.2490508.269-0109 or contact Myra Durkin at 617.628.7155617.628.7155 for her Virtual Gastric Band in Boston procedure.

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