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Neuro-Linguistic Programming or NLP are techniques used in a range of therapies to support change management. I use them in my smoking cessation and weight loss hypnosis sessions. I’ve obtained my Master Practitioner level certification. While some therapists rely on a few techniques in achieving outcomes for clients I prefer to have a number of options in my “toolbox” so I can pick the right ones needed to help a client based on their issues, and what I think will work best in getting the outcome they seek.

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NLP Anchoring – How to Overcome Cravings and Bad Habits

Anchoring is a key technique used in Neuro-Linguistic Programming and helps people achieve outcomes in life they desire. Here’s a quick primer on the topic. NLP is an alternative therapy that can be engaged to change emotional behavior and achieve self-awareness and effective communication. Examples in the real world include helping with smoking cessation, weight loss and building rapport and relationships. I use elements of NLP in my Virtual Gastric Band program as a tool and resource for clients to use if they’re subjected to food cravings. Here’s more…