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Sugar addiction is more common than most people think. The food industry has found if it uses processed sugars to enhance the taste of their foods it creates a situation where people crave more of the same foods. You see sugar is added to so much more than just candy and cakes. Just check the contents label of any processed foods and you’ll find sugar is top, or high-up, in the ingredient list.

Sugar then becomes addictive. I used to include sugar addiction sessions only in my weight loss programs but I discovered there were a lot of people who needed help to reduce or come off sugar completely, but who didn’t necessarily have a weight issue. They just needed help in getting sugar out of their diet. So, I created a program just to cover sugar addiction.

This list of articles is an introduction for you and I hope you enjoy them.

How to Avoid Becoming a Sugar Addict

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Everyone knows it: candy and baked goods are packed with sugar. They’re not good for our teeth and when they’re eaten regularly, they can lead to rapid weight gain and a variety of health problems related to obesity. Although we all know that sugar and especially refined sugar isn’t good for us, what a lot of us don’t know is that sugar can be addictive, in a manner of speaking. What a lot of people are also unaware of is that like sugar, other refined carbohydrates can be just as bad for you and are often similarly addictive. Worse still, it’s difficult to get away from refined carbohydrates unless you’re very conscious about your diet. Here’s more and a resource to help…

Is Sugar Addiction Spoiling You Getting to Your Right Size?

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While the Virtual Gastric Band program focuses on portion control and doesn’t advocate a specific diet plan, I’m sure nobody would argue against when you eat you should eat healthy foods. After all, you could eat 3 meals a day of sugar right? But instinctively this wouldn’t be good for you. When I talk about this to my clients they laugh because they think I’m talking about a meal of chocolate and other candy followed by dessert. But that is incorrect thinking as you’ll discover.