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Virtual Gastric Band is a term used to describe Sheila Granger’s procedure she developed to simulate gastric band surgery. Sheila’s was not the first use of hypnosis related to surgery. There is also Lap Band Hypnosis. Along with a colleague from Boston I attended a workshop in NYC and achieved certification in Sheila’s procedure. Myra and I were the first to introduce VGB to New England.

Bariatric surgery involves a number of procedures, one of which is gastric band. The procedure is meant to be permanent and to help those whose weight is a danger to their health. Any surgery is not to be taken lightly and especially anything to do with the stomach. As an alternative to surgery hypnosis use was introduced to simulate the operation and with the power of the unconscious mind convince the body that surgery had taken place, with the expected outcomes.

Today, I don’t offer Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis as a separate program. Depending on the client I may used elements of it in my weight loss programs if I think it will achieve the outcome for the client.

This selection of articles will provide you enough information to determine if this is a viable alternative to surgery for your condition.

Virtual Gastric Band as an Alternative to Weight Loss Surgery

The Virtual Gastric Band is a relatively new hypnosis procedure developed as an alternative to Gastric Band weight loss surgery. Using hypnotic suggestions a virtual gastric band is “installed” in a person’s stomach and thereby helps to control portion sizes The result is the individual becomes fuller quicker and satisfied on smaller portions of food which lead to weight loss. The Virtual Gastric Band procedure offers all the benefits of the surgery but because no operation takes place none of the risks, discomfort and recovery time of real surgery. The hypnosis technique was developed in Europe where it’s enjoying widespread success under different names and slightly varying techniques. Discover more about this procedure here…

Portion Control and Virtual Gastric Band – Marriage Made in Stomach

If portion control is the cause of your weight woes then the Virtual Gastric Band or Lap Band Hypnosis procedure is a program you should consider for weight loss. The size of the average portion of food we eat at a meal contributes to the obesity epidemic sweeping America. We’ve become accustomed to restaurant size portions when we go out and then we repeat it at home. Our dinner plates are larger than necessary and we feel the need to fill the plate with generous portions of everything.

Who Won’t the Virtual Gastric Band Work For?

weight loss failure image

The Virtual Gastric Band weight loss procedure won’t work for everybody. This is because for most people weight loss has more to do with commitment and attitude than about food. Now don’t get me wrong eating the right foods is important for weight loss but this isn’t where people stumble and fall in my experience. So if you spot yourself in the issues below then chances are not only will VGB not work for you, but no weight loss program will allow you to meet your goals.