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Weight loss is such a huge topic regardless if you’re talking about losing a few pounds to look good for the summer or hundreds to cope with failing health issues because of obesity. Whatever the reason, it isn’t just about diet though. There are lots – too many most would say – of diets to choose from, and unfortunately many were developed because of conflicting scientific and medical thoughts. It is confusing.

What isn’t confusing though is that our relationship with food is complicated. It’s emotional and in some respects learned when we were growing up from our parents, who passed it on from their parents, etc. I’d argue a simple diet of protein and vegetables small portions should support most peoples needs. However, could most people stick with just that? While my weight loss programs don’t dictate any one diet – anything reasonable will suffice – there are staple things that should be included and excluded if you will – like limit the process and/or natural sugars.

But getting to your ideal weight or right size as I call it is one outcome. In some restricts weight loss should be achievable for most of us, but then that hard part comes – staying at your right weight. Not so easy. Because maintaining your right size requires long-term commitment to changing your food choices. And this is where hypnosis comes into play because a diet is just a diet and what you eat is a habit, and you can easily slip back into poor eating and portion sizes quickly and put on all the pounds, and more, you lost on that wonderful special diet program.

So, the articles you’ll find here cover an array of topics around food and weight loss and will give you a solid foundation in the things to watch out for as you embark on your own weight loss program.

Enjoy the articles!

The World’s Oldest Female Bodybuilder and Your Weight Loss

Maybe you’ve heard about 75-year-old Ernestine Shepherd and her title of the world’s oldest female bodybuilder. This title is official as she is listed in both the “Guinness Book of World Records” and “Ripley’s Believe it or Not!” So why am I writing about it and why does it matter to you? If you’re reading this blog then you’re interested in losing weight. You’re also interested enough to consider using hypnosis to help you get to your right size. You’ve also decided the gastric band process appeals to you but maybe not surgery. Here’s where it gets interesting…

Battling Excess Weight – One Bite at a Time

Small Potions Image

As the old joke has it, the way to eat an elephant is one bite at a time. Although the joke relies on a clearly absurd premise, there is a lot of truth to it: any big task is best handled one piece at a time. Whether you’re talking about sending a man to the moon, digging the Panama canal or your own battle to lose weight, the biggest jobs all rely on many small steps toward an ultimate goal. In fact, if we take the phrase “one bite at a time” literally, we have what is perhaps the most effective weight loss strategy there is. A lot of people struggle with weight loss, either hitting a plateau after a certain point or gaining back what they’ve lost. However, weight loss really can be approached one bite (or more to the point, one meal) at a time. Find out more here…

The Connection Between Obesity And Emotional Eating

Emotional Eating Image

As the old saying goes, you are what you eat. For a lot of us, that’s an unsettling prospect. After all, we eat different foods at different times depending on our moods. You’ve probably asked (or been asked) the question “what are you in the mood for” in relation to food and the question is an apt one; our emotional states and our diets are deeply connected. There are two different ways to look at emotional eating: you may either choose to eat a particular food because you’re in the mood for it or you might choose to eat something, especially compulsively, because your moods trigger negative patterns of thinking where food becomes your coping mechanism when you’re experiencing emotional distress. Which of these two types of emotional eating describes you?