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Weight loss is such a huge topic regardless if you’re talking about losing a few pounds to look good for the summer or hundreds to cope with failing health issues because of obesity. Whatever the reason, it isn’t just about diet though. There are lots – too many most would say – of diets to choose from, and unfortunately many were developed because of conflicting scientific and medical thoughts. It is confusing.

What isn’t confusing though is that our relationship with food is complicated. It’s emotional and in some respects learned when we were growing up from our parents, who passed it on from their parents, etc. I’d argue a simple diet of protein and vegetables small portions should support most peoples needs. However, could most people stick with just that? While my weight loss programs don’t dictate any one diet – anything reasonable will suffice – there are staple things that should be included and excluded if you will – like limit the process and/or natural sugars.

But getting to your ideal weight or right size as I call it is one outcome. In some restricts weight loss should be achievable for most of us, but then that hard part comes – staying at your right weight. Not so easy. Because maintaining your right size requires long-term commitment to changing your food choices. And this is where hypnosis comes into play because a diet is just a diet and what you eat is a habit, and you can easily slip back into poor eating and portion sizes quickly and put on all the pounds, and more, you lost on that wonderful special diet program.

So, the articles you’ll find here cover an array of topics around food and weight loss and will give you a solid foundation in the things to watch out for as you embark on your own weight loss program.

Enjoy the articles!

Do You Recognize These Types Challenged With Losing Weight?

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Why is it a lot of people fail in their efforts to lose weight? Why is it that so many fail to stick to their diet and then regain all of the weight they’d lost and some in a matter of a few weeks? Some diets aren’t that well planned, but most of them work as long as you stick to them, so the problem is the dieter rather than the diet. I’ve spent a lot of time over the years thinking about this and I’ve realized that there are 5 different types of people who have a hard time losing weight and keeping it off over the long term. Read this and find out if you’re one of these types…

How to Stop the Urge to Eat When You’re Not Hungry

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Eating when you’re not hungry is typically about emotional eating, which is a common issue for people who are overweight. I’m going to describe a short technique for you today that I cover as part of my virtual gastric band procedure in my practice, and which will help you overcome the urge to eat when you don’t need to.

How the Human Body Stores Fat and Why Not All Fat is Bad

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As soon as we think fat we have visions of weighing too much and not looking as good as we wish. What we often don’t think about is how our bodies store fat and why. Fat does have a purpose and it’s a good one. But when a person has too much fat on the body it can become a problem and eventual leads to obesity and major health problems. A simple explanation is fat is stored when our caloric intake on a routine basis exceeds our expenditure of calories. However, fat storing is a little more complicated in the real world as certain foods turn to sugar and fat more easily than others.