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Is Sugar Addiction Spoiling You Getting to Your Right Size?

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While the Virtual Gastric Band program focuses on portion control and doesn’t advocate a specific diet plan, I’m sure nobody would argue against when you eat you should eat healthy foods. After all, you could eat 3 meals a day of sugar right? But instinctively this wouldn’t be good for you. When I talk about this to my clients they laugh because they think I’m talking about a meal of chocolate and other candy followed by dessert. But that is incorrect thinking as you’ll discover.

Change is Good – You Go First!

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Whenever I think about change I’m reminded of a Dilbert cartoon portraying the corporate environment – Change is good – you go first! We can chuckle because we instinctively know what its saying. Change is going to happen – it’s one of the few certain things in life – but we’d much rather it happens to somebody else first than us and leave us alone. Paradoxically, in the corporate world, the people who bring change to others are usually the worse to embrace change. People, generally, fight change, even when it’s good and necessary because it moves us out of our comfort zone.

Why Sticking to 3 Meals a Day Helps Your Weight Loss

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A key component of my Virtual Gastric Band and weight loss hypnosis programs is eating until you’re satisfied. This may seem obvious but unfortunately is not the norm. We’ve become use to restaurant-size portions, and these are far from “normal.” In an effort to provide value to customers, restaurants pile up our plates with food, and offer appetizers that would feed most villages in third-world countries. We repeat this with large portion sizes at home and eat until the plate is clear. And if you eat until you’re “full” then this can be too much as we may not receive the signal from the brain we’re “full” until we’re really “stuffed” and feel uncomfortable. 3 meals a day with no snacks is plenty for most of us each day.