How to Determine if the Virtual Gastric Band Can Work for You

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The Virtual Gastric Band weight loss procedure is helping people lose weight all over America and Europe and elsewhere. If you’ve tried other weight loss programs – even other weight loss hypnosis programs – then consider VGB as it’s really different in many respects.

But it’s not a miracle cure and there is definitely a profile of an individual it’s most likely to work for the best. This profile includes those committed to make whatever changes required to achieving their weight loss goals.

These changes can include cutting out sugar and bad carbs and exercising. It can include breaking into a sweat when you go out for your daily walk.

From the change respect you could argue, well then, Virtual Gastric Band is no different from other weight loss programs that also require you to make significant health style changes.

Well, VGB provides you an anchor point missing from all other programs except real surgery. Your stomach is smaller – leading to a smaller you. Everything you receive in the sessions after the “gastric band” is “installed” supports the psychological impact of having a band installed.

But it also requires you to make significant changes depending on your circumstances, and if you’re not ready to make those changes then there isn’t any weight loss program that’ll work for you. Save your money and continue on your current path because despite you needing to lose weight – you don’t want to lose weight enough to make sacrifices.

While Virtual Gastric Band doesn’t advocate any specific diet plan you’ll see best results if the smaller portions you eat include predominately healthy and nutritious foods. Making changes to your life style to include good food and exercise guarantees success.

Many of us can’t live without our carbs or our special sweet snack in the evening. Cream in our coffee is the only way we can take it. Asking us to swap a muffin for a protein shake for breakfast, or a sandwich at lunchtime for a salad and hearty soup, is just not on the cards.

If you heard a voice inside your head as you read the above saying I could never give up my… whatever your poison is… then you’re right you probably can’t. But would you be willing to entertain the thought and try, or are you looking for a solution on your terms?

So how are your terms working out for you? My guess is not well which is why you’re reading this article and considering a Virtual Gastric Band.

The hypnotherapist trained and certified in VGB is willing to provide you the support to achieve your weight loss goals – its intense work done in partnership with you. And it requires as much dedication and commitment from you as from your hypnotherapist.

So before you make contact to book your Virtual Gastric Band make sure you’re ready for significant changes under somebody else’s terms. If you can honestly say to yourself you’re ready for change, then you’ll be welcomed by any hypnotherapist trained in the VGB procedure… and you’ll be one of those most likely to succeed in your weight loss goals.


Erika Slater, CH
Free At Last Hypnosis

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