Virtual Gastric Band Boston 100% Success!

The Boston group study was recently completed, and the results were astonishing. There was a 100% success rate! That means that every person in the group reported that the procedure worked for them. They felt free of battles with food and weight, had all lost weight (one person lost 13 lbs.!), and stated that their brains had subtly shifted and they now automatically ate small amounts and had no problems with food.  They felt confident that they will continue to lose weight and have lasting weight loss.  I am seeing individuals for this procedure in the Boston area.

Myra Durkin, LICSW

One Response to Virtual Gastric Band Boston 100% Success!
  1. Erika
    February 13, 2011 | 2:02 pm

    Wonderful results Myra!

    You have such a kind, caring and positive manner that your private Virtual Gastric Band clients are truly lucky to have you guide them through the process.